Actually, I never left, I'm here, yet I'm not. Er, that's the (un)natural phenomenon that is me, "Anka" to you! Actually, "Away" refers to the fact that I have recklessly thrown a bunch of bits and pieces (the last bit thrown on Jan 22, 1999) of me (away) onto the web, like it needed it. It probably doesn't, anyways, but, do you really care? You get the message, I hope! Forgive me if I'm vague about myself, but anyways:
The Pages:
guy, girl, dates, etc, talk  
How I relate my personal experiences and observations of relationships, especially starting them, or not.
do you need this? my "205" 
Take out a very large chunk of specifics from a typical 411 page and you have something like my "205" page!
my favorite links  
A few websites I have visited and grown to love, for various reasons.
why did i bother putting up a web site? 
The story of how and why I now have a website. Gee, I even have a pic there, gasp!
I sincerely hope to be able to update my site often, though, occasionally might be a more realistic goal. Until next time, adding an entry to my guestbook would be most appreciated. Thanks for coming, and hope you'll come back soon!



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